Bedroom Shuffle

by Kit Thompson


I'm the King of the one-night lovers;
My Queens they come and go;
Like a Knave I smile and steal their hearts
...For about Ten hours or so.

At Nine at night you'll find me
Flirtin' in the Clubs and bars;
By Eight a.m. I'm gone again -
Guess it wasn't in the cards.

I'm in Seven towns a week, my friends,
My Six-string by my side.
Five bucks a day's my daily pay;
Fourth-class is the way I ride.

Well, I've had my share of lovers,
And the odds aren't always fair -
I've had my fun Ménage-a-Trey,
And I'd love to have Two Pair.

I'm the King of the one-night lovers;
It's all a game, you see -
But the day'll come when I'll be done
And an Ace will capture me...

(c) 1998 Fox Mountain Music