For those that have bumped into me online, you might have just the teensiest clue that music is kind of important to me... So here's a site that collects some of my musical influences, along with an archive of songs both original and stolen.

    If you're not familiar with Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books, you should be.  These are just a few links to point you in the direction of Heralds, Companions, and the Bards who tell us all about 'em...

[Valdemar links]

    What sort of guitar do red-headed gay bards use? Well, this one at least uses a Seagull, handmade in Canada.  If you're interested in guitars, check out their website.

[Seagull Guitar Home Page

Elizabethan and Rennaissance music is extremely pretty, but it's darn hard to play and most people can't sing along to it.  If you're like me and can barely string three chords together, visit the On-Line Guitar Archives, or OLGA.  Here you'll find lyrics and chords for everything from David Bowie to the Eagles to James Taylor.

[On-Line Guitar Archives]

...And if lyrics and chords aren't what you're looking for, but you do share an enthusiasm for the sweet sounds a couple lengths of stretched wire and some curved wood can make, here you'll find a steadily-growing collection of quotes about guitars and guitar-playing...

I am occasionally guilty of coming up with original material.  Other times, I just "borrow" a song or two. Pete Seeger himself said it - "Everybody steals from somebody. I steal from everybody."   Who am I to think I'm better than Pete Seeger?  Here's where you'll find the stuff you won't find in OLGA.

[Archive of Song Lyrics]

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