A View Through a Half-Open Closet Door...

"Look at all this rainbow crap.  When did we turn from a political movement into a niche market?"  
                                               -- Mo, "Dykes to Watch Out For"

So, here it is...  deeply buried in the Fox Mountain site, Stef's Closet.  The placement is half-accidental, half not.  When I first started the Kitsuneyama site, I came up with the "slope" thing as an organizational strategy, and built the site around Japanese, Foxes, and Music.  The West Slope got filled in later with the photos.  So far so good.  The problem came when I had stuff that fit into none of those four categories, but that I still wanted to stick on the site.  Enter the Fox Den, for all my personal baggage, which this is admittedly part of.  But I can't help but feel some lingering guilt over the placement, buried way down in the depths of the site.  Maybe when I come out completely, I'll reorganize and link this part of the site right up on the main page.

For now, however, what I've got here is a purely subjective look at one guy's experiences in the closet, along with some stuff that's gradually helping him open the door a bit at a time.

Personal Stuff...

Some thoughts about coming out...

Symbols and icons - some random musings...

Some Warm and Friendly Links...

The Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay Alliance at NAU : Northern Arizona University's student-run advocacy organization. I only just made contact with them in January; I wish I'd done it sooner. This is a very warm, welcoming, active group. Read more about 'em.

The Androgyny RAQ   --  Raphael Carter's brilliant set of pages on androgyny issues.  Includes short essays on terminology, labels, etiquette, and relabeling bathrooms.  In addition, the essay on Emma Bull's novel Bone Dance has some valuable insights on breaking out of dualistic thinking.

Alison Bechdel's "Dykes to Watch Out For", online archive   -- There are usually about 50 or so strips in the archive, just enough to whet one's appetite for more. This is one of the best comic strips going, in my opinion. As far as her offline collections, I especially recommend The Indelible Alison Bechdel, which has not only a hefty dose of DTWOF, but also has a lot of Alison's own explanatory notes, plus some other cartoons she's done, such as her own coming-out story in comic form. That story alone is worth the price of admission, and that plus the "True Confessions" story will save you enough in therapist's fees to pay for the book.

"Doonesbury", online archive  --  Okay, okay, yes, Garry Trudeau is mainstream and all, but his strips on Mark's outing really mean a lot to me.  There's the first realization, the panic, the support from old college friends, and of course, the infamous "field-testing" line...  Then there's "breaking the news to mom", and parental denial, the isolation... and the fun times that faulty gaydar produces... (By the way, the archives is searchable by character, date, topic, whatever...  The links I gave are to a few specific strips, but Trudeau's been dealing with gay issues since the mid-seventies.  Pull up the search engine and see what I mean...)

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