...or, "Who the heck is this guy, anyway?"

Well, online I mostly I go by Stef (short for Steffen) and as you just might have guessed by now, I'm into foxes, Japanese, and music.  In the chat rooms of AOL, I play a character named Kit Thompson, a Kitsune bard.  The main difference between Kit and myself is that Kit can grow fur and a tail when he feels like it <grin> .  Also, the character is a lot better a musician than I am in real life.  I can play the first few bars of about 5 songs, and that's about it.

If you want to know more about Kit-the-character, you can take a look at the character sheet, the Seelie report on him, or the Unseelie report. Please do remember that nearly all of the knowledge here is OOC knowledge only...

       If you want to know more about me, step into my closet...  

You can contact me at  [address removed]:   I try to respond as promptly as possible.  Musical inquiries, Mercedes Lackey fans and foxophiles are all welcome; porn email will, of course, be used to light my electronic fireplace.

   ... back out to Kitsuneyama

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