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Okay, so I'm a foxperson.  What can I say? Intelligent, clever, debonair, and consistently portrayed as rogues for hundreds of years in every known culture...  How can you not like these guys?



[A fox in the snow...]

What I am in the process of assembling here is a set of links to the best fox sites on the Web, and hopefully a few bits of fox lore not readily available.  I'll be adding stuff all the time, so please do check back often.

The Links

[The Ozfoxes Fox Web]  The Ozfoxes Foxweb :   Possibly the single best source of entertaining foxlore on the Web.  Cartoons, songs, legends, how-to-draw pages...  It's all here.

Fox TV on the BBC  BBC Watch Out - Foxes :   Evidently the online companion to a BBC television programme, this site has good solid fox information, including where to find foxes in the cities, what sort of urban food they prefer, and even some audio files of foxes yipping.   Worth a look.

"Wile E. Coyote and Other Sly Trickster Tales," a very nice essay by Terri Windling, fantasy editor extraordinaire, concerning a veritable Rogues' Gallery of cross-cultural tricksterdom. Not only is the essay itself worth a read, but she provides a pretty hefty bilbiography afterwards...

The Urban Fox Home Page, a site by Tim Susman at the University of Minnesota. It's a scientific study of urban fox populations, with a good-sized photo section.

The Predator Defense Institute : This is a direct link to the PDI's fox page; here you'll find all sorts of info on the rather strained relationship between Vulpes vulpes and Homo Sapiens.

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