[Japanese Language and Culture]

[Click Here]     Rational Japanese : A very informative, practical look at Japanese culture, written for the benefit of us gaijin. Includes sample social situations and a clarification of some idiomatic phrases.

[Click Here]    ...About Japan : A collection of pages on Japanese culture, on everything from the Tokyo subway system to Kabuki drama. Includes some good photo galleries.

  Ukiyo-e Museum : A well-archived and annotated gallery of Japanese woodblock prints, including a few by Hokusai and Hiroshige.  Maintained by Nagoya Broadcasting.

   Iron Chef! : Forget Julia Child; forget Justin Wilson.  This is THE cooking show to watch!  Think of it as "American Gladiators" crossed with a cooking show, and you won't be far off.  "Tonight's Mystery Ingredient - Octopus!"  There are several Iron Chef fan sites; this seems to be one of the better-organized.

     Schauwecker's Guide to Japan : A very useful online reference, with pages on culture, etiquette, language, traditions, and more. Each article is somewhat brief, but provides a good summary; most of the articles have further links annotated at the bottom.

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