Okay, so I like to travel... How could I call myself a fox if I didn't have the urge to explore all sorts of interesting spots? Fortunately, I have lots to work with less than a day in any direction from my home.  Magical places, beautiful places, awe-inspiring places, places where the kami live...  call 'em what you will...  But they're some of my favorite places in the world.  They're worth a visit; photos can't even come close.




San Francisco

Sierra Nevadas
(including Yosemite)

Grand Canyon


Northern California
and the Oregon Coast

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A word about the format: Each section of photos is arranged in slide-show format, one photo per page. Since these are landscape photos, I decided not to use thumbnails - any thumbnail images would be murky at best, and would not give any clear idea of the photo they represent.

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