The majority of projects currently listed below were created in conjunction with Sibylle Gruber's "Computers in Composition" course at NAU. The others are an assortment of Literature and Composition papers.

"Analog Identity in a Binary Age: Computers and the Construction of Self" -- This paper examines relativistic and essentialist issues of identity in online discourse by looking at multiple user profiles on America Online.
"Mapping the Middle Road : An Exploration of a Possible Route to Classroom Agency" : -- A synthesis of ideas begun in the two papers immediately following; this paper attempts to deal with the problem of 'postmodern paralysis' and examine pragmatic details of how to be aware of relativist issues and yet still act in the classroom.
 "A Vampiric Rhetoric" -- An informal analysis of Allucquere Rosanne Stone's vampire-as-rhetorician metaphor, from her book The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age.
"How Postmodern is Perelman?" -- An informal look at where to situate Chaim Perelman's theory...

"Identity and Identification in Online Discourse" -- A short paper written for a Composition Theory class that really gave me the main focus of the longer Online Identity paper, above.

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