A Sample Course Website

The link below will take you to a mock class website for an introductory composition course.  This site is presented not as the be-all and end-all model, but merely as a basic example of possibilities.  This site is based on the first class website I designed in August of 1998, for Northern Arizona University's introductory composition course, English 105.  The section I taught was one of eight computer-assisted sections, and thus the site reflects the integration of computers into a writing-based course.  The pages have been left as intact as possible so that interested instructors might simply copy the page format with a minimum of re-editing [See How to Copy Pages, below].  Where editorial annotations have been made to the original page, they are boxed and the text rendered in purple, like so:

Sample Note

Update information on the pages themselves has not been changed, and the contact information on the "About the Instructor" page is now out-of-date; all email links are active, but have been shunted to a dead account so that instructors unfamiliar with HTML might see the proper format without running the risk of spamming a complete stranger.

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