Online Resources for 105 Students

Listed below are several websites that members of this class might find helpful, interesting, or just plain handy to have around. The list will grow as I discover more sites, so please check the update information at the bottom of the page if you haven't been to this page in some time.

Note: The following links have been left active, so that interested instructors may evaluate the sites for themselves.  They are all external links, however, and will send you outside the Academic Archives.  You may want to bookmark this page before proceeding.

 NAU's Writing Center :  This site not only tells you the schedules of each tutor and allows you to schedule appointments, but it also has a section devoted entirely to handouts and help you can get directly over the Web.  Need a refresher on how exactly to use colons and semicolons?  They've got it.

 Cline Library's Home Page :  Your first stop for research.  If they don't have it, they can probably get it through Interlibrary Loan.  Just watch out for those due dates.

 Library Resources for ENG 105 :  A page maintained by the Composition program specifically tailored for 105 students.

 The Columbia Guide to Online Style :  By Janice Walker of the University of South Florida.  A complete guide to citing online sources of information in your footnotes and bibliographies.  I recommend that everyone in this class look at this page.

 Plagiarism and the Web :  I'm posting this site here not so much as a resource but as a warning.  Plagiarism is one of those things about which the University has no sense of humor.  Read, and be warned.

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This page last updated August 25th, 1998