How to Copy Webpages

Important note: the process described here is provided as a tool for saving and studying model webpages. Explicit permission is given to educators to copy the pages in's Oldpgs subdirectory for their personal use; however, copying any pages anywhere on the Web where such permission has not been given is an unethical practice, and is soundly condemned by the staff of Fox Mountain.

1) Right-click somewhere on the page you wish to copy.  (You should not be directly over any images when you do this; aim for a spot in the background margin, ideally.)
2) On the popup menu that appears, select View Source.
3) You will be presented with a new window which contains the raw HTML code for the page in question.  Highlight all the text in that window, from beginning to end.  (You may use "Select All" in the "Edit" pull-down menu to make this easier.)
4) Copy the highlighted text (CTRL-C or "Copy" in the "Edit" pull-down menu).
5) Open a new page in whatever web-page editor you prefer, and select "Edit Source" (or "View HTML," or some similar command).  Alternatively, you can open a blank Word document.
6) Erase any text that might be present in your new window, then paste the copied text into the blank document.
7) When you close the Source window, you should see the page appear in your editor as it looked on the Web, with one notable difference - the graphics will be represented by odd "broken graphic" icons.  (If you are pasting the document into Word, you will not see a page representation, but you will still need to follow the rest of these steps as well.)
8) All graphics are saved separately from the HTML files.  Therefore, if you wish to use the same graphics as the page you are copying, you will need to copy those graphics from the original webpage.  Do this by right-clicking on each graphic, one at a time, and selecting "Save as".  Save the graphics on your hard drive in the same folder where you will save the webpage itself.  (You will also need to do this for the background, if the page has one; right-click and select "Save Background as".)  Make sure you save the graphic using the same name by which it is called in the HTML code.
9) Change all HREF links so that they link to where you will be publishing the pages, rather than linking back to the original source.
10) Save the document - you're done!

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