Resources on the site:

A Sample Class Website : A small set of linked pages, forming a simple model to follow in setting up a class website of your own.  These sample pages are free to copy for all educators.

Sample Lesson Plans : Some sample lesson plans and exercises for instructors working with computer-enhanced composition courses.

Resources at Northern Arizona University:
Ida Rodgers' Web Construction Workshop :  An extensive series of webpages dealing with how to set up a website at NAU, step by step, using Netscape Composer.  Even if you are not at NAU, this site is valuable on a number of levels - most of the NAU-specific info is easily adapted to your own home system; the site is a wonderful example of how to use the Web for instructional purposes; the design of the site is worth looking at, to see how "educational" need not mean "visually boring".  Highly recommended.
Rhetorical Analysis of Websites :  A project by Kristin Arola and Theresa Schnapp, which discusses how to get students to be more analytic-minded about Web-based sources.
Alysson Troffer's Webfolio : Contains three related articles, "Writing Effective Hypertext," "Web Design Guidelines," and "Link Density," all of which are useful not only as one designs one's own page,  but also as tools for examining and evaluating websites with your students.

Resources on the Web at large:
Plagiarism and the Web : a page on Internet-enhanced plagiarism, and the problems it presents for instructors of all sorts.  Contains links to several "cheat" sites.
The Purdue University Online Writing Lab : One of the best sources of info for comp instructors online.  Includes a whole section of handouts to download and print out for your students.
A Guide to Logical Fallacies : by Stephen Downes.  If you'd like a quick brush-up on fallacies in argument, this is a good place to look.  The Table of Contents gives a pretty clear summary of the site.  While this site may be a bit sophisticated for first-year students, upperclassmen and instructors should find it quite valuable.
World-Wide Web Resources for Rhetoric and Composition :  a site maintained by the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System; has hyperlinked sections on professional organizations, online writing labs, style guides, and more.
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