First off, let me stress that 98% of the images at Fox Mountain are either public domain or created by the site author personally.  In two cases (the Firebird Arts and Music link and the Seagull guitars link) an image from the site linked to was used as the link icon for that site.

Jelane's Free Web Graphics : The first graphical sets I ever used came from this site.  Simple, eyecatching, and highly recommended.  The Copper scheme (North Slope) and the Bamboo scheme (East Slope) come from her "Families of Graphics" sub-page.
Library Graphics : Animated and static graphics of books, computers, and documents.  Most of the book-graphics on Fox Mountain are courtesy of this site.
Roxanne's Grafix Gallery : A good solid graphics site, which not only has free-use backgrounds, page sets, etc. but also has Paint Shop Pro tutorials online.  The blue tapestry background used in "Stef's Closet" comes from here.
Bi the Way Graphics Archive : A very nice collection of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and so on graphics.  Most of the symbols in the essay on symbology come from this site (apart from the gay yin yang, which I created).
Pride Gifs : Some of the animated rainbow gifs in Stef's Closet come from this source.
Other miscellaneous icons, especially those in the Academic Archives, come from Microsoft's Office '97 clip art gallery.  Most of the backgrounds (including this one), the logo, the fox-cartoons in the Fox Den, and other assorted artwork were created by yours truly, using Paint Shop Pro 5, a graphics package I heartily endorse.  You may use the backgrounds for non-commercial use at no charge - just give  appropriate credit, please?  Every single photo in the Travel section was taken by yours truly (except, of course, the ones with me in them) and all the photos, as well as the mountain logo and the fox cartoons, are copyright 1998-1999 by Fox Mountain.  Re-use of those images by anyone other than myself is expressly forbidden.

At this point I'd also like to give credit to two people - Sibylle Gruber, my M.A. advisor and teacher extraordinaire, and Ida Rodgers, colleague, inspiration, and friend.  Without the encouragement and advice of these two people, this site would never have happened at all.

If you would like to provide a link to any part of Kitsuneyama, please email the site maintainer.  Thanks for your kind attention, and happy browsing...! the Site Info main page
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This page last updated August 22nd, 1999

Note: This page created by Alex Weirich. For more information about Alex, or to email the site maintainer, see the memorial page. I've made some small changes to the information about permissions for accuracy.