Most recent news : September 7th 1999
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September 7th, 1999 Resources for Composition Instructors
subsection added to the Academic
Archive; click here to jump there now...
September 5th, 1999 Part 2 of Coming-Out essay added;
new links added to Stef's Closet.
August 25th, 1999 Entire Photo Section revamped! All-new
photos and an easier-to-use, faster-loading
format. Click here to jump there right now...
August 22nd, 1999 Site Info subsection goes online.

August 21st, 1999

Site becomes completely independent of AOL;
Coming-Out essay added to Stef's Closet

August 18th, 1999

New photo format for West Slope
introduced with the Tour of San Francisco.
(Click here to go there directly.)

May 9th, 1999 goes online.
The Great Exodus from AOL begins.

April 22nd, 1999 registered
with InterNIC.

June 1998

Fox Mountain set up on AOL.  
The 2 Mb-per-screen-name
limitation gets real old, real fast. the Site Info main page
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